Appeal and Administrative Review

Appeal and Administrative Review is a procedure in which applicants of refused applications request their case to be reviewed by the Home Office. This review does not involve a judge but is usually quicker than the process for appeal.
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Appeal rights may be given if an application has been refused. During the appeal process, the appellant(s) will receive a Notice of Hearing and will prepare further evidence to submit for consideration. At the hearing, the documents submitted will be viewed by the judge and presenting officer(s) from the Home Office and any required oral evidence will be heard.

A request for review can also be made if an application is refused. This is called Administrative Review and it is usually quicker than submitting an appeal. However, the review is only made by the Home Office and does not involve a judge.

Appeals and Administrative Review Application Fees
Administrative Review outside the UK – free
Administrative Review inside the UK – £80
Appeal inside and outside the UK:
•    £80 without a hearing
•    £140 with a hearing

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