Tier 1 – Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa category allows international graduates with a viable business plan to come to the UK to set up a business. Applicants for this visa must have been endorsed by a UK higher education institution or by the UK government's UK Trade and Investment department.
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You can apply for a PBS Tier 1 – Graduate Entrepreneur Visa if you wish to establish one or more businesses in the United Kingdom after your graduation. You will need to be identified by Higher Education Institutions as being a person who has developed world class innovative ideas or entrepreneurial skills.

Home Office Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur  Fees
Outside the UK – £349
Inside the UK –  £474

In order to remain in the United Kingdom, you will need to meet all the necessary requirements. If you are successful in your application, you will be granted leave to remain in the United Kingdom for one year.

This period of grant will not count towards a settlement visa, however you can switch into Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

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