Certificate of Sponsorship


Tier 2 Sponsorship: Universal Jobmatch will be replaced by Find a job service on 14th May 2018

For Tier 2 Sponsors advertising in line with the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT), please note that Universal Jobmatch website will be replaced by ‘Find a job’ service from 14th May 2018.

Should you already have an existing Universal Jobmatch account then you will be able to login to this until 17 June 2018 to access existing jobs and applicant information.

However, you’ll no longer be able to post jobs after 17th May 2018.

Your basic account information will be migrated to the new service and your company will receive an email with further information about this. Any existing job or applicant information will not be transferred, so you’ll need to start making local copies for future reference.

Please note that new employers will not be able to register on Universal Jobmatch as it will close on 10th May 2018. But they will be able to register on Find a job from 14th May 2018.

New jobs cannot be posted on Universal Jobmatch after 17th May 2018, but the website will not be closed until 18th June 2018 therefore employers and the resident workforce will be able to view the job advertisement for 28 days. There will be no need to re-advertise as the advert will still be available until that time.

After 18th June 2018, all adverts posted on Universal Jobmatch will be unavailable and it will not be transferred to the new platform.

The Home Office will update their guidance to reflect the changes in the next update but in the meantime, references to Universal Jobmatch should be interpreted to include ‘Find a Job’.

Employers are reminded to conduct and record their Resident Labour Market Test in line with the existing Home Office guidance by making sure that, where the advertisement was placed on Jobcentre Plus or Jobcentre Online, you must keep a screenshot of the advert on the day it is first advertised clearly showing all the required information in the Home Office Guidance.

Should you have any further queries on the above or unsure if your RLMT is fully compliant with the requirements under the Home Office guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Removal of Sponsor Licence

After removal of the sponsor licence, colleges or universities are not permitted to sponsor any new overseas students or employees.

However, it does not affect existing sponsored workers and students until a final decision is made in regards to the status of the sponsor licence by the Home Office.

Students or workers who need to apply for an extension of leave or who have not already been given a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) or Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) will be affected.

If the CAS was issued before the licence was removed, the applicant’s visa application will be put on hold until a final decision is made. The same will apply for applicants who applied for an extension.

If the CoS was issued before the licence was removed, the applicant’s visa application will be put on hold until a final decision is made. The same will apply for applicants who applied for an extension.

The college or university cannot issue a new CoS or CAS after the removal of their sponsor licence.


Shock as UK Border Agency actually admits to error in decision!

In surprising news the UK Border Agency apologised for an error they made in regards to our client’s application and reversed their decision without the need for an appeal and court fees.  They wrongly refused the company’s Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship for spurious reasons in October 2012 which our Senior Solicitor furiously contested. The caseworker was then left red-faced when our client received an email from the UK Border Agency confirming the decision had been made in error. This sets a good precedent for consistency in Tier 2  decisions and demonstrates our proven track record of obtaining Tier 2 Sponsor licences for our corporate clients.

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